Moving Pictures

Melodrome Mobile Stage


… is firstly a stage – a stage that enhances any performance by its elegance and intimacy. Equipped with its own lighting rig, the Melodrome is up in 2 hours and down in an hour on any street, field, town square or festival site.  It can be used for bands , soloists, cabaret spots and to show films. When it is hired as a stage we can also add a sound and lighting technician, stage manager and compere. We can arrange to hire PA. There is a weatherproof area behind the trailer that can be used as a dressing room with lighting and mirrors. We can arrange to provide wind and solar generated power. A metre of stage in front of the curtains allows bands/scenes to be set behind while a performance happens in front.

… is secondly a performance company specialising in narrative theatre, melodrama, storytelling, shadow puppetry, visual tableaux, comedy sketches, chat shows, talent shows, etc. The company includes experienced and noted performers from all fields of theatre.


… is thirdly, a visual experience.   With one of England’s foremost scenic artists as a partner, we can also offer scenery and visual effects customised for your event, themed to your requirements. But the Melodrome is a visual experience on its own. It glows and is an ornament at any event.

You can hire the stage and use it for your event. In that case we will always have a strong crew with the stage taking care of problems and looking after basic technical and security matters.

We can come and give  a full, day and night experience, with a non-stop program with expert compering including all the above (from melodrama to talent show).

You can have a combination of the two, hiring the stage for a set time and leaving us to program it for the rest of the time.

The Melodrome can be erected in 2 hours and taken down in 1 hour – making it ideal where time is limited by road closure times. It can go up in a side street or a town square.


Performers love playing on the stage, finding it intimate and acoustically friendly.